New Latin American Adventure for children

Spanish Immersion (Inmersión en Español) 

Children will virtually travel through Latin America by learning traditional Latin dances like bambuco and salsa from a professional dancer! Music, dance, and stories will keep your little ones looking forward to each and every class!

Program runs 18 Feb to 25 March, with an international FIESTA on 3rd April! (2nd April in Colombia/U.S.) 

Live online classes every Thursday

Brisbane 6pm (Sydney 7pm)
Bogota 1pm

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Experience the joy and festivity of Latin America! 
$120AUD for 2 students (or 1 student + 1 sponsorship of a child in need)
$70AUD  for 1 student (or 1 sponsorship of a child in need)
To sign up for the $70  fee enter coupon code: AMIGO at checkout 

What's included?

  • Online, interactive classes
  • 45 Minutes Each
  • A final FIESTA!
  • Latin Dance lessons
  • Spanish language immersion

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New Latin American Adventure is a fun and engaging class, created to equip children with the skills they need to create global connections and deliver positive social outcomes, inspired by the Latin American joy

Become a Sponsor

For $70 AUD you can also sponsor one child for the full program. You can sponsor someone you know, or Acude can allocate a child from Latin America or Australia whose family is experiencing financial hardship. You can sponsor as many children as you want!

Program Costs

Program for 
one child + sponsor a child

$120 AUD
($90 USD)

Program for 
the family
(2 children ) 

$120 AUD
($90 USD)

Program for
one child

$70 AUD
($50 USD)
Enter coupon: AMIGO at checkout

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Meet the instructor

Diana Trujillo

Diana is a professional dancer of international standing. She has studied high caliber salsa dance, folkloric dance and acrobatics. She is the lead dancer of Swing Latino, the Colombian National Salsa-Ballet, and CAS Entertainment.
Diana Trujillo - Course instructor
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