Bilingual Latin dance
trial class for children 

Children will virtually travel through Latin America by learning traditional Latin dances in a bilingual setting from a professional dancer! Music, dance, and stories in both English and Spanish will keep your little ones looking forward to each and every class! 
Suitable for English or Spanish language learners.

FREE Latin dance trial class for children aged 4-12
Thursday, 11 February.  

5:00 pm Brisbane, 6:00 pm Sydney/Melbourne
2:00 pm Colombia/New York 

Experience the joy and festivity of Latin America! 

What's included?

  • Online, interactive class
  • 45 Minutes
  • Bilingual instructions, perfect for learners of both Spanish and English

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New Latin American Adventure is a fun and engaging class, created to equip children with the skills they need to create global connections and deliver positive social outcomes, inspired by the Latin American joy

Become a Sponsor

For $70 AUD you can also sponsor one child for the full program. You can sponsor someone you know, or Acude can allocate a child from Latin America or Australia whose family is experiencing financial hardship. You can sponsor as many children as you want!

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