Acude's mission is to foster inclusive and connected communities through early and effective actions

We make learning about different cultures accessible for students from all backgrounds, all over the world. We offer fun online courses using Latin American dance and music, designed to enrich social-emotional skills and make a social impact.

Benefits of Acude's Programs

Effective cultural connections

Our engaging learning experiences connect students with an international community, motivate children to learn and practice another language, 
and expand their cultural

Education that is fun and artistic

Our high-quality artist educators are passionate about art as a social integrator. They teach step-by-step vibrant Latin dances and other artistic expressions, alongside storytelling and meaningful ways to connect to others

Skills for a changing world

Our curriculum is designed to nurture social-emotional competences, that  enrich and empower children as inclusive and collaborative leaders. We nurture children's ability to value different perspectives and their sense of belonging to a global community

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Meet our founder, Gloria!

Acude began from Gloria's experience as a migrant working mother. Her quest is to help her own child, and many others around the world, value multiculturalism, and gain a resilient and globally-aware mindset. 
Having seen the physical and mental challenges that loneliness and intercultural exclusion present, she has a passion for early and more effective interventions. She decided to apply the Latin American mastery in seeking social connection, joyful interaction style, and vibrant cultural expressions, to help communities thrive.
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